Numbers are everywhere.

Now you can find them

For the first time - you can track all your numbers and stats in one app!
Numbeez is based on boards. Each board is a collection of numbers and stats focused on a specific topic. For example, "Sunday Night Football Games" or "Hot Stocks".
You can easily collect your numbers and stats and create your own boards, or you can follow interesting boards with the numbers you love.
Even with numbers, sharing is caring, and you can create amazing Facebook posts and Tweets with your favorite numbers.

Once you follow numbers you can create your own alerts so you never miss the important stuff.
And, you can even create smart, unique and automatic Facebook posts or Tweets on your numbers to share the news with your friends.

No need to read long articles or go through endless stats pages... With Numbeez is you can quickly view and stay updated on all your numbers in a visual way. And, you don't only see the last update on each stat, you get the history so you can easily understand the whole story.